Few things in motorbiking generate more debate than the costs and merits of respective insurance solutions.

It is not unusual to hear sentiments expressed along the lines that all insurance is more or less the same and therefore, you may as well take the cheapest you can find.

What’s the reality?

Cost is important

It would be a brave person to suggest that cost is anything other than a key factor behind insurance selection in the 21st century.

Times are tough and advertisements for the cheapest motorcycle insurance are always likely to be attractive.

Yet going out to purchase the cheapest policy you can find really does beg two questions:

  • is all motorbike cover essentially the same;
  • what role does the price of a policy pay in the event of a claim?

The nature of policies

This isn’t really a matter of opinion – it is a simple plain fact that no two policies are likely to be identical.

For example, some policies offer specific cover for younger and inexperienced bikers.  For a younger rider, these may prove to be considerably more cost-effective than a standard policy from an insurer who, to put it frankly, may not be very interested in what they consider to be high-risk categories of policyholder.

Clearly, from the point of view of the younger or more inexperienced rider, these two policies are unlikely to ever be seen as being more or less identical.

To take another example, you may find one policy that contains extensive European riding cover as part of its standard cover provision.  Another policy may not offer this cover at all, unless you pay an additional premium.

If you are a biker interested in being able to pop over to the continent at short notice, then the fact that a UK-only policy might be lower cost is, to you, irrelevant.

The bottom line here appears to be self-evident. The cheapest policy around might not be the one for you if it does not provide you with the minimum cover you need.

The context of a claim

Even if you find the above arguments to be less than convincing, you might wish to ask yourself what would be your first course of action in the event that you needed to make a claim.

Would you either:

  •    immediately rush to your bank statement to see how much you had been paying for your insurance policy over time or;
  •    immediately rush to your policy to see whether it covered the circumstances that had resulted in your need to claim?

If you selected the second answer then the conclusion for you may be clear – the cheapest motorbike cover for you might not be the best!  Instead, you might wish to focus a little more on the cover the policy provides at the time you are making your decision as to which policy to purchase.

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