If you’re unsure about any aspect of life assurance get in touch with the experts online, qualified brokers have all the answers to any questions you may wish to ask, alternatively browse the web where you will also find plenty of advice if you’re considering buying a life assurance policy or you want to renew your present one. There are many life assurance products for sale too many featured in guide, so read these at your leisure to find the right product for you and your family.

Save money on your life assurance policy

There are often many special offers and discounts when buying a life assurance policy so take advantage of these to make great savings. Ask for a quote first of all, brokers can arrange this quickly by using their database of some of the most well-known insurers in the UK, this will give you an idea of your monthly payments. Whole life insurance is usually more expensive than term assurance as it will pay out when a claim is made, term assurance means your family won’t benefit unless you die during the policy’s lifetime so is consequently cheaper to buy in the first place.

Interesting information about life assurance

The length of the term of life assurance along with the size of the payout can be decided by you, both affect the monthly cost so the bigger the payout and the longer the term means the more expensive the policy will be. Make sure you understand the difference between guaranteed and reviewable premiums, guaranteed premiums stay the same throughout the term of the policy while reviewable premiums are generally cheaper at the outset with costs rising when the insurance company carries out their regular premium reviews. Joint policies for husbands and wives are more reasonably priced but the life assurance policy lapses after the first death with the survivor being left without any life assurance cover.


Brokers recommend clients to live healthily and buy life assurance policies when they are young, they push up premiums for those people who smoke as they are more  likely to make a claim which in turn means smokers pay nearly double than those who don’t smoke. Try to kick the smoking habit although insurance companies prefer their clients to have stopped smoking for at least one year before they will consider insuring them. Losing weight too will also put you on the right side of life assurance professionals, if you are carrying a few extra pounds try exercising and eating sensibly. Insurance companies ask many questions before selling life assurance packages so be honest as this could invalidate your policy preventing your family receiving financial help if you died.

If time is not on your side

If you have learnt you have a terminal illness and time isn’t on your side, your insurance policy will pay out to your family so they can organise a good send off for you as well as receiving financial help to pay for any outstanding debts, mortgage or loans you may have had. Shop around now before it’s too late and compare life assurance quotations to start the ball rolling, make contact with online brokers who will help you with any aspect of buying the right insurance for your needs.

You can vist lifeassurancequotes.org.uk to compare quotes online.

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