performance car insuranceIf you have a high performance car, or if your car is a prestigious one, then finding competitive performance car insurance for high performance cars can be hard. Most insurers work on a 0-50 car group rating, and if your car is a Group 34 or above, then it is normally regarded as high performance. Some cars are automatically classed as high performance which is why finding car insurance for Range Rovers, M3’s, Aston Martins etc. will normally be harder than finding car insurance for cars which aren’t high performance. The reason why car insurance for performance cars is more expensive is that they are normally, by design, more expensive. It also normally means that thieves are more likely to try and target your vehicle. Having a tracker fitted to your car can sometimes bring the cost of the car insurance down, but if your vehicle is valued over £50,000 then you may have to have a CAT5 tracker fitted, which is a tracker device which gives ‘real time’ positional data of where your car is.

Car Insurance for high performance cars will normally also come with a higher excess, so it is always worth ensuring that you have legal cover, or, ‘uninsured loss recovery’ which will normally get your excess back in the event of a non-fault claim (as the excess is your ‘uninsured loss’). Finding cheap car insurance for high performance cars can also be easier if you have owned your car for several years. This is because, assuming that you have not had more than one ‘at fault’ claim in the last 3 years, it will normally show to an insurer that you can handle your high performance car.
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