modified-car-insuranceFinding  modified car insurance is never an easy task. Most insurers tend to shy away from insuring people with modified cars, as the cost of repairing your vehicle can often be higher if your car has modifications. It is also the case that car modifications which increase the performance of your car can often mean that insurers perceive owners to be more inclined to commit traffic offences (such as speeding). With modified vehicles, you may also find that your excess is higher as well.

What can often help, is that if you have owned your modified car for more than 12 months, then insurers look favourably on extended ownership. However, don’t be fooled by some sites which convince you to claim that you have owned your car longer that you have, as insurers will undoubtedly check ownership documents if you have a claim.

Thankfully, our panel of insurers are used to insuring cars with modifications. Whatever your modification, then chances are our panel will be able to provide you with your best car insurance for your modified car. only works with providers who have committed to ensuring that the price which they give you cannot be found elsewhere.
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