convicted drivers insuranceWith the numbers of speed cameras on our roads increasing, and the 5 year notification period to insurers, finding convicted drivers insurance  is never an easy process. There is often confusion between the 5 year notification period to insurers, and the 3 year period during which standard fixed penalty notices (such as SP30’s, TS10’s & CU80’s) stay on your licence. Remember, that even if a driving conviction is taken off your licence, if the conviction date is within 5 years, you must tell your insurer.

The companies which we work with all have special car insurance schemes for convicted drivers. Although you will inevitable pay more for your car insurance with the convictions on your licence, the chances are that our panel will be able to provide you with your cheapest convicted driver quote.

This is because our providers look at the circumstances surrounding your convictions and can often provide you with a quote for your car insurance that cannot be found elsewhere. This includes car insurance for drink driver convictions, car insurance for IN10 convictions and car insurance for ‘totting up’ or TT99 offences. Whatever your conviction or circumstances, our panel of providers are sure to give you your best quote.

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