There are a variety of reasons why car insurance is higher for convicted drivers. From a risk point of view, the view often taken is that if you are more likely to break the law, then you are also more likely to have a claim. Of course, if you have convictions on your driver licence, but also have a good 5 years of claim free driving, then it will show an insurer that the standard stereotype will not apply to you.

It may be the case that you have totted up a collection of standard fixed penalty notices for offences such as SP30’s (speeding) TS10’s (traffic light offences) & CU80’s (using handheld device – such as a mobile phone). Finding cheap car insurance for convicted drivers with a collection of points can be hard, but at we work with specialist companies who know that they are often circumstances behind the convictions.

IN10 convictions (or driving with no insurance) are becoming increasingly more frequent. Many individuals fall foul of this conviction because, for example, they have not renewed their Policy, or have not kept up their payments. An IN10 is what they call an ‘absolute offence’ meaning that once the offence is committed (i.e. you drive or keep your car on a public road, and it has no insurance on it, then the offence is committed). Fighting a no insurance conviction can be very hard, and costly. If you have mitigating circumstances then sometimes the court will give your 3 points as opposed to 6 and a reduced fine. However, it is the offence code IN10 which causes the insurance to increase, not necessarily the fine amount / points.

Finding car insurance for drink drive convictions is often much harder than trying to find car insurance for other convictions. This is because driving whilst over the limit through drink or drugs is inherently dangerous. Your ability to control your car whilst under the influence is greatly reduced meaning that the chances of you having an accident are also greatly increased.  This is why car insurance for drink drive convictions is often more expensive. However, if your ban was for 18 months or less, and you have over 2 years no claims bonus which is not older than two years, and is in your own name can often help to reduce your premium.

In summary, car insurance for convicted drivers is generally more expensive as you are seen as being at a greater risk of having an accident. However, our specialist insurers and brokers are committed to ensuring that you receive a quote for your car insurance which cannot be found elsewhere.

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