Car performance car insurance is often more expensive for a variety of reasons. For example, if it is the first time you have owned, or driven, a high performance car, then the insurance will be higher because you are more likely to lose control of the car in, for example, adverse weather conditions. This is especially the case for rear wheel drive cars like BMW’s & Mercedes.

Insurers will also charge more to insure high performance cars, as they are more likely to be stolen. Most prestigious cars are stolen to order. The thieves will steal your car, and will often leave it for a few days in a garage in order to see if it has a tracker. They will then ship the car out of the country, and the car will never be seen again. Most organised criminal gangs will steal a car specifically in the commission of an offence. It goes without saying that a high performance car will often aid the offenders in making a quicker getaway.

A combination of these factors mean that getting cheap car insurance for high performance cars can often be tricky. Even if, for example, your car is now 10 years old, and is only worth a few thousand pounds, the car grouping in relation to its performance will still stay the same.

At, we work specifically with insurers who understand that people are finding it increasingly harder to get car insurance for high performance cars. That is why we are able to get a quote for car insurance which cannot be found elsewhere.
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