Car insurance pricing is based on decades of statistical data relating to claims trends. Many people think that the main thing which dictates how much you pay for your car insurance, is the cost of the car! This is merely one out of up to 86 different questions which an insurance company will ask when calculating the premium for your car insurance.

There are some companies, however, which are willing to look at other factors surrounding your profile which may lead to a discount for your car insurance. At InsuranceOverAGrand, we are fortunate in that we work specifically with some of the UKs most nimble insurance companies, meaning that we can offer you discounts for your car insurance which cannot be found elsewhere.

It may be that you have other circumstances which insurance companies could take into account when giving you a quote for your car insurance. For example, you may have elements of ‘exceptional hardship’ which were taken into account when you received your motoring convictions. These mitigating circumstances may be able to be taken into account with our partners, as long as you mention them when obtaining a quote.

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