As part of our commitment to our armed forces customers, continually monitoring what is happening in the wonderful world of car insurance. It would appear that Key Worker can offer car insurance discounts for commissioned and non-commissioned officers across the armed forces.

Having spoken with Key Worker, the reason for this discount that is applied to your car insurance, is due to the fact that the successful completion of a security clearances means that, from a moral standing, you are considered less likely to make a fraudulent claim.

Obviously you would not want to just speak to any insurance company about what your job in the forces involves. Key Worker Insures’ Managing Director, John Tansley, has previously served in the forces where he gained a DV clearance, and as such, it is he who deals with all clients who have a security clearance in the armed forces.

We think that this is a positive step forward in driving down the cost of your insurance, where you can actually now get a discount on your car insurance just for being in the forces, and for the actual job which you do!

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