has just one aim: to find a cheaper quote for your car insurance if you have been quoted around £1000 or more. There are very few insurers who are competitive at this kind of price, however, all the insurers and brokers we work with are committed to ensuring that you pay a better price for your car insurance, whatever your circumstances

Each of our panel members are specialists in their respective fields. No other website has such a specialist & dedicated collection of insurers in one place, meaning that when you submit your details, you can be rest assured that the quote you get will be the most competitive.

This saves you hours of time by only submitting your details to insurers and brokers who specialise in dealing in premiums that are over £1000. No more spending 20 minutes filling out forms only to find out that no one can quote for your details!

By concentrating on this area of premium, it also means that we can ensure you end up savings 100’s of £££ on your car insurance!


Please feel free to give us any feedback about how you think we can improve our service to you, and don’t hesitate to let us know if there is something you feel that we should be doing that we currently are no

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