High Risk Doesnt Have to Mean High Premiums!

Convicted Drivers Insurance

It is a good idea to compare quotes from providers who understand the needs of individuals who come under the category of convicted. There are insurers who are competitive in this specialist area, so why not get a quote from some of the  UK’s top providers for convicted  and see if you could save your precious time and money!

Young Drivers Insurance

There has been loads of press recently about high premiums for young drivers insurance. The main reason car insurance is so high for young drivers, is because unfortunately the claims risk associated with young drivers is very high. This is especially the case where the young driver has held their licence for under 12 months.

The amount of insurers providing competitive premiums for young drivers is getting fewer and fewer so it is a good idea to compare quotes specialist insurers who could help provide a cheap car insurance quote for younger drivers.

If you are a young driver, but have some driving experience on another Policy, then some insurers can take this into account.

Import Car Insurance

Many people are finding that their imported car, which they may have owned for many years, is getter harder and harder to insure. Comparing quotes form specialist import car insurance providers is a good idea to help you find a good deal on your import car insurance

Modified Car Insurance

If you have been quoted over £1000 for your modified car insurance, then chances are, you need a specialist insurer. Specialist insurers  know what insuring a modified vehicle takes and could help  provide you with a car insurance quote suited to your needs. There are no limits to the modifications which you can have on your car so why not get a quote now and see how much you could save.

Car Insurance for HM Forces

Getting cheap car insurance for HM Forces can be quite difficult, as most insurers do not understand your demands and needs.

After completing the simple form your details are forwarded to Key Worker Insure who work with insurers who specifically provide car insurance for HM Forces because they understand what you need from your Policy, and you could get a discount for your car insurance.

high risk car insurance quotes

What we do

Here at InsuranceOverAGrand.com we provide users with access to systems that cater for car insurance sectors that typically have insurance premiums over £1000. Your car insurance premium could be over £1000 for several reasons, i.e you have a high performance car or perhaps you have motoring convictions. It could be because your car is a Grey Import, or has modifications.

Our aim is to ensure that your specialist needs, including any specialist circumstances, are that are taken into account in the individual way they deserve.

How we do it

Most insurance companies prefer to insure people who have premiums at around £500. For more high policies however the premiums can be considerably more. That is why it is a good idea to shop around for the policy that is right for you. Insuranceoveragrand.co.uk provides user with access to quote systems that could help them save time and money on their specialist insurance.

What next

All you need to do is fill in the appropriate simple form, answering the basic questions and you will be contacted by a number of insurance providers with their quotes.

So whether you have multiple convictions, a high performance car, a modified vehicle, a grey import or if you are in the emergency services, NHS, HM Forces or public sector, and you have been quoted over £1000 then simply fill in your details, and sit back and wait for the quotes to come to you

high risk car insurance quotes